A downloadable game for Windows


←→: Move
↓: Crouch
↑: Enter

※Locked doors require keys, which are usually somewhere else on the level.

Z: Action button. Use this to run through dialogue, shake off enemies, and use items from your inventory.

X+←→: Allows you to run. You have limited stamina, but it'll recover naturally.

Space: Hold it down to access your inventory.

A: Allows you to hide and show your self-portrait (aka health meter). It is shown by default.

R: Restart. Use this if you've died.

P: Pause

Save: The game will automatically save at certain checkpoints. You can access unlocked levels from the menu.

-"Added Russian version" (Добавлена русская версия)

-"Added Japanese version" (日本語版を追加)

Tags2D, Horror


demonophobia_en.exe 193 MB
demonophobia_ru.exe 8 MB
demonophobia_jp.exe 191 MB


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Now, Big Question time, is it true that you are making a sequel to this game?



When I first downloaded it. It asked me what time it is and I tried going to the next dialouge chat bubble but it didn't is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Try again with such a problem, I have not encountered

The boggest moment in my entire you tube cheerer 
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Oh... The nostalgia.

What is this game made using?

i asked 237 in my interview if you can wait til then you can get your answer  


When will this interview of yours be released?  It's been about a month.

i am not certain i am hopping this month due to 237 being foreign it made the interview abit complicated doing it live was not possible 

i hope to get it uploaded as soon as possible just be a little patient with me i promise it's coming 

Deleted 23 days ago

i am sorry it took so long but it's here as i promised 

It's such a shame this game has no SE or BGM, even simple ambience would do great job to improve the atmosphere. I am currently recording this as new series (no in english though) and I spent roughly 15 hours to add all kinds of voices, sounds and ambiences to improve the horror feel. This is a great game.

There is no sound for me? Is there a certain tool i need? 


The game never had any sound to begin with.

Is there some way to put the game into full-screen?


по мне, так ты враль и вор, притворщик,нафига тебе это, могу предположить что твой максимум это любительские поделки в рпг мейкере или юнити и то не законченные, если бы ты и в самом деле любил игры 237 в дань уважения мог бы назваться как-нибудь 238 или 239

I think as you know I'm not going to fight with you or argue do not see any sense. Can build theory you this no one not prohibits, can reverse opinion people against me but the truth will always one.

Lets take a honest objective look at this game 237 i hope you are watching 


Okie doke

I have a question would you be interested in a interview? Don't worry I won't ask any questions that will make you uncomfortable.

Why not

I think it can be done on Twitter.

Hmmmmmm i think what i can do is ask you the questions on twitter copy & paste my answers into a script and get someone to voice your answers in my video because ik you mentioned your English isn't the best you think that will work?

It would be nice and all, it's your video and you are the Creator so I will wait for your messages.


This may be an unpopular opinion but I don't care I love this game I genuinely mean that 237 you created something special here and I wish more people could see that. I am actually a rising YouTuber and I am doing a review of your video game on my YouTube channel this Halloween, where I want to offer A New perspective to your video game rather than just the basic bitch opinion of this game is fucked up or this game is too gory and hard.


It would be very cool, only when you shoot do not forget to impose censorship, otherwise YouTube will not approve it :D

Don't worry that will not be necessary i have seen people do lets plays of Demonophobia without censorship and nothing happened. I also reviewed Splatter school without censorship and they did nothing. 

This ia really hard to say, but...its hard to take this game seriously, due to ungodly amount of violence.  But, I will give you credit, you did put your heart and soul into game of yours, so you earned my respect on that perspective.


Thank you, it's very nice to read!

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I disagree I think the people who complain about the violence in this game come off as Puritans and miss the point. Violence is brutal painful and it hurts people if you try to pretty it up then you actually lead people to believe that violence is just a game.

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I agree, but sometimes its hard to stomach at times.  I mean I was moved by certain scenes in gaming like The Last of
Us Sarah's death scene, which did make me cry.  Maybe I am just too soft for this type of volience.

that is possible Demonophobia is meant to be cruel  and realistic 

I would use another word besides realistic:

- any games with an anime style are inherently not realistic

- regenerating health is not realistic

- magic blue ghosts are not realistic

-bloody leg monsters are not realistic

-red muscle boss is not realistic 

- having all your clothes removed is not realistic

- being impaled by an orange beam is not realistic 

-being suddenly sliced into cubes in place is not realistic

- green mouthed beings that walk on two legs are not realistic

- being trapped by spiderwebs is not realistic

- giant plumes of fire are not realistic

- floating ghosts are not realistic

- a silvery ribcage snake is not realistic

-laser beam bullet hells are not realistic

Um ok i think your missing the point but ok

I didn't know you were involved in making [Prisonkage]. What's more, it's amazing to be connected to [Demonophobia].

I have reasons to believe you are not the original developer of Demonophobia, or to be clear the actual 237. He has been inactive for many years and is of asian origin. I do not understand why he would write in russian or english on his itch.io . I also do not understand why games that are not even a bit affiliated with 237 are listed on this page. Norrland as an example was a game developed by the man behind Hotline Miami. Could you please prove that you are 237? 

Deleted 181 days ago

You can think of me as you want, this is your right, I won't defend my rights right now, I'm not a feminist, I'm just showing people interesting projects that many went around without noticing and giving them a second life on Itch. I don’t pretend to be a game developer to think that I am 237 or maybe a filthy liar who wanted little glory is your right and I’m not going to condemn him. I don’t ask for money for them, so nothing suits me in my pocket, it’s just nice that people like it and they play it.

I would like to point out to you that yeah he may have been inactive because he was making other games are you not aware of the existence of splatter School or xenophobia? I don't think you understand the life of a videogame developer is there a chance this is someone posing as 237 sure but they have nothing to gain from pretending to be 237.

do you plan on makeing more games like this?


Clear thing darling, here's the last game Prisonkage is connected with the plot Demoniphobia

i see good job on Demoniphobia im at the lest boss and im a big fan of your work


as an idea a 3d remake would be awesome

Deleted 106 days ago

II actually would love to see a remake of this video game possibly 3D could be interesting but if it was just a 2d remake just more updated, I would be happy with that to this game I think is crate regardless of the graphics however I think an updated version would be nice to help expose a new generation to this game.

I hope so because i actually love the story of Demonophobia and i would love to see more 

Really I hope so I really enjoyed the story you told with this game and I would love to see more of it. Also I have a question of my own if your newest game is connected with the story of Demonophobia are we going to see Sakuri again?

Unfortunately there is no maximum there will be a remake since it’s Sakuri ended there it was said that it was not possible to get out of this labyrinth and it stayed there forever, maybe in Prisonkage there would be no more than an Easter egg.

On the last stage, the sakuri becomes naked. However, it would have been better if she could play in her underwear, not naked, at least selectively. Because, look more sexy in one's underwear than naked.

Unfortunately, this is part of the game and I don’t really want something to whine me and everything is so beautiful

I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend you.

It's ok

Does it really matter if she's naked or in her underwear? 

tried playing it and it was pretty hard to figure out what to do and i think i bugged the game. somehow i teleported to a part of the game i dont think i was supposed to be. will play again if music/sfx are added and youre able to skip death scenes especially the long ones. other than that, looks like itll be a fun game! also would be nice if there was a bigger screen mode besides the small window mode

You so quickly found the secret to moving I'm surprised! As for the small window, I’m working on it because when I tried to increase the performance of the game it fell or it just crashed, about long deaths, let’s say the charm of the game shows what you did when you were not too attentive and thanks for playing Demonophobia!

i wish i knew what i did to do the moving thing again lol and i understand about the deaths being slow, it just kinda turned me away some but imma make a video on it soon. i hope this blows up!! just let me know when music and sfx are added and ill make a vid asap!!:)


As for music, I have already started collecting sounds, but I can recommend to include music from Silent Hill in the background


Excellent, everything will be added soon!
I am very glad that you were not repelled by the strong violence in the game. This is very pleasant, I am looking forward to the video!
With love 237

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I plan on doing a video of my own where I hope to change some people's perspective especially some of the misconceptions that have been surrounding your game. While I do understand some of the criticisms of your game I think some of them are childish and unfair and shows a lack of objective critical thinking.