A downloadable game for Windows

←→: Move

↓: Crouch

Z: Jump

X: Attack

Tags2D, Horror




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I did everyone i got a interview with 237 
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I love the soundtrack! Was the music composed by 237?


Here is my Review of this game i also plan on reviewing Demonophobia

It's fine!



I look forward to video from Demonophobia

I hope you will be pleased with it i am putting a lot of work into it and i hope i can sway peoples thoughts on Demonophobia some of the reviews of your game are so childish o it's to violent o it's to hard 237 is a disgusting person.

I Dont Know If this Game If This Game Is Ban ? 

Shhh quietly :D

I am very disappointed this is just a very poor spatter house Ripoff the game is to easy there is no story the monsters are to threat what happened?Demonophobia was so good the only thing i kinda liked was the music witch is the only thing that kinda sucked about Demonophobia no soundtrack. why not just make a true Sequal to Demonophobia.


Because laziness :)

Or or maybe this game developers just a one-hit wonder maybe Demonophobia  was just a lucky shot it's it's not very likely to make a game so good on your first try and then make nothing but garbage but it happens.

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Wait a second rubs my eyes  if you are 237 i am actually surprised you admitted you got lazy with this game i guess thanks for the honesty  

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To the glory of Satan and the little girls!