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1) there Is an opportunity to save. But we can do this only in certain rooms, where the walls are inscribed with strange characters

2) Now the number of stores is strictly limited - so they need to cherish and save. Otherwise, you can get into a desperate situation when you just do not have enough medical items to defeat the boss.

3) there was a weapon - a gun. Against ordinary monsters from him almost no sensebut in the game the pistol is very useful. You can't survive without it.

4) the Whole maze is now shrouded in impenetrable darkness, and only using a special object (lighter), we will be able to light their way. But miracles from a small lighter should not wait - it illuminates only a small area around the main character. It should also be borne in mind that some monsters react to light - and can quickly notice us when the lighter is lit.

5) the Idea with characteristic sounds from monsters, about which already was said previously.

Tags2D, Horror


XenoSetup.exe 4 MB


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It is finally finish and ready 
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To 237, is there a chance that Sakuri (From Demonophobia) will get save. Because looks like this game is just new installment of your normal horror and gore games, i.e. no relation with Demonophobia. A new girl (probably Eri) will be now in hell.

You can spoil me by mailing me on my Email address, just type "Yes". And i will give you Email address.

I Beg U Spoil ME.

Unfortunately, dear Sakura will never get out of the maze of lust, abomination and debauchery. This is her new life, a life with torment each time to go through this damn maze and feel every pain even when she is just a piece of meat she will be tormented to the end.

If anyone is interested, here is a download of a patched version that will run


This version says it's 0.22 while the version that doesn't work is 0.101.

Is your version the same as the one that doesn't work?

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I believe the version is the same. The only difference is the code that caused the game to not boot was fixed. A fan fixed the bug . Here is a link to the archived 4chan post that I got the download from. Instructions are also available on the post about how the bug was fixed. 


Noted, thanks!

Is this Demo broken i downloaded it and the game doesn't open

Well, is this game will be a full game?


And this is my dear friend. Big Big Secret

Man, can't wait for it

I hope you can finish this my fans are asking me if i will review it i would love to but i don't know if it's fair for me to review a game that is not finished yet.

I am very excited to know you still exist. I loved demonphobia, excellent game.

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already understand this problem

will this game ever be finished?

i hope so

Me me too because unlike some people I actually really enjoyed Demonophobia and I actually see franchise potential in it it has an interesting enough story and world.



i am having the same problem the game doesn't work i haven't had this issue with any other of his games