A downloadable game for Windows

1) there Is an opportunity to save. But we can do this only in certain rooms, where the walls are inscribed with strange characters

2) Now the number of stores is strictly limited - so they need to cherish and save. Otherwise, you can get into a desperate situation when you just do not have enough medical items to defeat the boss.

3) there was a weapon - a gun. Against ordinary monsters from him almost no sensebut in the game the pistol is very useful. You can't survive without it.

4) the Whole maze is now shrouded in impenetrable darkness, and only using a special object (lighter), we will be able to light their way. But miracles from a small lighter should not wait - it illuminates only a small area around the main character. It should also be borne in mind that some monsters react to light - and can quickly notice us when the lighter is lit.

5) the Idea with characteristic sounds from monsters, about which already was said previously.

Tags2D, Horror


XenoSetup.exe 4 MB


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Well, is this game will be a full game?

And this is my dear friend. Big Big Secret

Man, can't wait for it

After installing, the game does not load when launching the .exe


already understand this problem

will this game ever be finished?

i hope so